Eikyuu Shounen: Eternal Boys

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Ikhtisar: "The Mature Idol Project" The latest project proposed by Manpuku Etertainment productions, in a bid to revive the company. Experienced in the successes and failures of the business world, 6 middle-aged men now face the many hurdles of age and physical ability, whilst pursuing their goal to become idols. In an effort to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks, and that you can still learn to shine no matter your age. These middle-aged men, and the end of their ropes, are taking a stand! (Source: Fuji Creative)
  • Asli: 永久少年 Eternal Boys
  • Perdana: Fall 2022
  • Ditayangkan: 11 Oct 2022 to ?
  • Durasi: 24min per ep
  • Episode: 24
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Studio: LIDENFILMS