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    5-Oku-nen Button
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    The 500 million year button. Press that button and a million yen will come out. In exchange, you have to spend 500 million years in a completely empty space. However, the moment 500 million years have passed, your memory will be erased and you'll be right back where you started. For the person who pressed the button, it would be like a million yen in an instant. 5-year-old Tonio, 14-year-old Jaibi, and 17-year-old Suneko, were at a loss for money to pay for their father's treatment in the hospital. But then, in front of the three siblings, a person with the "500 million year" button appears... A brand new animation based on the cult classic "500 Million Year Button" story from the Minna no Tonio-chan series! (Source: 500,000,000-nen Button Official Home Page)
    Premiered: Summer 2022 Aired: 15 Jul 2022 to ? Synonyms: 500 Million Year Button, Minna no Tonio-chan Native: 5億年ボタン Duration: 21 min
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