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    Date A Live IV
    star_rate 7.6 E 12/12
    The fourth season of Date A Live. Despite the numerous challenges he has overcome so far, Shidou Itsuka's mission with Ratatoskr is far from over. In a departure from his daily routine, Shidou encounters a starving woman lying on the street and ends up helping her. After the two arrive at her apartment, the woman introduces herself as Nia Honjou—a popular manga artist working under a pen name. However, cutting straight to the chase, Nia reveals that she is also a Spirit and is aware of Shidou's secret operation. Interested in seeing his charisma firsthand, Nia challenges Shidou to win her over on a date. As he strives for an opportunity to seal her powers, Shidou learns more about Nia and her history with Deus Ex Machina Industries, a name he is all too familiar with... (Source: MAL Rewrite)
    Score: 7.6 Premiered: Spring 2022 Aired: 8 Apr 2022 to 24 Jun 2022 Synonyms: Date A Live Season 4, พิชิตรัก พิทักษ์โลก ภาค 4, Рандеву с Жизнью 4 Native: デート・ア・ライブIV Duration: 24 min Episodes: 12
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