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Zo Zo Zo Zombie-kun (TV)

Zo Zo Zo Zombie-kun (TV)

  • PG - Children
  • TV
  • 3 min per ep
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Overview: A gag comedy aimed at young children featuring Zombie-kun, a child zombie, and his interactions with the world. It's not intended to be scary in the slightest, but rather, it focuses on the comical and bizarre things Zombie-kun's body can do, and the common-sense-defying way Zombie-kun behaves. For example, he'll take out his stomach and inflate it with air to use as a pillow, or if he gets wet, he'll detach parts of his body and wring them out like towels, then reattach them with a glue stick. Everything is depicted in a cute, cartoony fashion so as not to be too graphic for kids. (Source: Baka-Updates)
  • Score: -
  • Native: ゾゾゾ ゾンビーくん
  • Synonyms: -
  • Rate: PG - Children
  • Premiered: spring 2020
  • Aired: Apr 16, 2020 to Dec 24, 2020
  • Duration: 3 min per ep
  • Episodes: 102
  • Studio: J.C.Staff
  • Genres: Comedy Kids

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