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Kagami no Kojou

Kagami no Kojou

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Overview: In a tranquil neighbourhood of Tokyo, seven teenagers wake to find their bedroom mirrors are shining.At a single touch, they are pulled from their lonely lives to a wondrous castle filled with winding stairways, watchful portraits and twinkling chandeliers. In this new sanctuary, they are confronted with a set of clues leading to a hidden room where one of them will be granted a wish. But there's a catch: if they don't leave the castle by five o'clock, they will be punished.As time passes, a devastating truth emerges: only those brave enough to share their stories will be saved.(Source: Doubleday)
  • Native: かがみの孤城
  • Synonyms: The Solitary Castle in the Mirror , Lonely Castle in the Mirror, Le château solitaire dans le miroir
  • Premiered: Fall 2022
  • Aired: 23 Dec 2022
  • Duration: 24min per ep
  • Episodes: 1
  • Studios: A-1 Pictures, Shouchiku
  • Genres: Fantasy Mystery

Characters and Voice Actors



Ami Touma


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