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Catch! Tiniping

Catch! Tiniping

  • PG - Children
  • TV
  • 11 min per ep
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Overview: Catch! Teenieping revolves around mischievous creatures called Teenieping that like to enter people's minds, but their playful nature and magical powers can wreak havoc in their hosts' lives. When the Teenieping are set loose on Earth, Princess Romi of the Emotion Kingdom becomes an ordinary girl that has to turn into a magical girl to stop them, all while balancing her new civilian life as a worker for the Bakery Heartrose with her coworkers Ian, Kyle, and Jun. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Score: -
  • Native: 캐치! 티니핑
  • Synonyms: -
  • Rate: PG - Children
  • Premiered: spring 2020
  • Aired: Mar 19, 2020 to Apr 1, 2021
  • Duration: 11 min per ep
  • Episodes: 52
  • Genres: Fantasy Kids Mahou Shoujo School

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